Policy status:Planned
Date Effective:1999
Policy Type:
Policy Target:
Legal References:national Strategy 05/00
Description:To encourage the installation of low energy homes (Niedrigenergiehäuser, with heating energy is reduced from 25 to 30 % at a level between 30 and 70 kWh / m 2) and passive houses (Passivhaus with annual energy consumption from heating reduced to less than 15 kWh / m 2), the following measures will be taken: 1) Promulgation of a Grand-Ducal Regulation concerning subsidies to be granted to households for the purification of existing buildings within the framework of a "carnet de l´habitat". 2) Institution of a system of diagnosis determining the energy consumption of a building. 3) Adaptation and application of "ökologischer Leitfaden für den Bau und die Renovierung von öffentlichen Gebäuden" with the aim of decreasing energy intensity in State buildings.

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