Year:2000 (last amended 2013)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2000 (last amended 2013)
Date Amended:

20 December 2000; 26 June 2001; 1 July 2004; 19 March 2009; 15 July 2009; 22 December 2009; 17 January 2012; 21 June 2012; 17 January 2013

Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources, Multiple RE Sources>All, Multiple RE Sources>Power
Policy Sector:Electricity, Framework Policy
Size of Plant Targeted:Small and Large
Agency:Ministry of Energy
Legal References:Law on Electricity of 19 March 2009 (No VIII-1881)

Law on Electricity of the Republic of Lithuania was adopted on 10 July 2000 and amended in 2004 and 2009. The Law regulates generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity in the state. It ensures that the electricity marked in Lithuania is based on fair competition between electricity producers and suppliers. 

Law promotes energy efficiency, safe and reliable electricity system, transparent service obligations, internal electricity market, electricity export and renewable energy sources in order to protect natural environment. 

Related policies:Law on Energy , Law on Energy from Renewable Sources

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