Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2014
Policy Type:Economic Instruments
Policy Target:Industry>Energy management
Agency:The Ministry of Economy

In this programme an objective to encourage enterprises to use recourses and energy more efficiently as well as use of RES is set. It is planned to implement energy efficiency measures and to reduce energy use in manufacturing industry from 222.9 (in 2012) to 182.9 (in 2020) kg of oil equivalent (for creation of 1000 EUR value added). Additionally, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania currently is preparing a study on “The potential of energy use efficiency increase in industry enterprises and determination of measures which encourage the use of different types of energy”. The aim of this study is to identify measures and main drives which encourage increasing energy efficiency in industry and to use different types of energy as well as help to identify the main implementation mechanisms and provide recommendations how to implement the proposed measures. The programme will be financed from the EU structural funds.

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