Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2012
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Energy Efficiency Policy Targets:Transport
Legal References:Regulations for Measurement of Energy Efficiency of Tires for Motor Vehicles, and Its Rating and Identification(MKE 2011-237, 14/11/2011)
Funding:Budgeted or disbursed public funding for the policy/programme. Can be broken down by year, and for total programme length. If relevant and possible, national and international public funding, as well as any private funding (co-financing or leveraged) should be indicated.
Energy Efficiency Description:

KEA is implementing the Tire Efficiency Standards and Labeling Program for tires on passenger cars so that it can promote development, sales, and purchase of low-rolling resistance tires. Under this program, tire manufacturers are required to indicate the efficiency of their tires. KEA is also conducting market research and providing consumers with information about tire efficiency. In 2014, the program was expanded to cover tires of small trucks as well.

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