Year:1996 (revised 2009)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:1996 (revised 2009)
Policy Type:
Renewable Energy Policy Targets:Multiple RE Sources
Agency:Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Renewable Energy Description:In an effort to improve the energy supply & demand condition and to promote the development of regional economies by supplying region-specific New Renewable Energies (NRE), the government has been promoting regional deployment subsidy programme designed to support various projects carried out by local governments. This programme,initiated in 1996, supported both NRE and energy-saving areas until 2005. However, the two areas have been divided in 2005 in accordance with the promotion Act for NRE development, Utilization and Deployment. Depending on the support ratio of the government subsidy and the nature of project, subsidies can be classified into two categories: subsidy to the construction fo the plant and to the installation of NRE systems. For the first category, the programme supports feasibility studies, human resources development and public relations for development and utilization of region-specific energy (supports up to 100%). However, this infrastructure building programme was ended in 2009 since the local governments have been capable to manage local - fit NRE programs. The subsidy for installing NRE programmes: deployment of NRE systems such as PV and wind power etc (supports up to 50%).

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