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Energy Efficiency Description:KEMCO conducts energy audits and surveys for industry, commercial buildings and transportation. Energy audits are conducted under real conditions of energy management, while energy surveys are undertaken to detect energy loss in the respective energy-using facility. Currently, KEMCO conducts three kinds of audit: Thermal Energy Audit, Electric Energy Audit and Thermal Video System Audit. The Thermal Energy Audit for heat application equipment or facilities consists, inter alia, of the following: efficiency tests for boilers, furnaces and kilns; energy loss analysis and efficiency improvement options; efficiency test of heat application facilities; waste heat recycling and insulation; heating load analysis of buildings; and economic feasibility of new investment. The Electric Energy Audit analyses electricity saving and improvement potential in electrical applications in buildings and facilities, and assesses: the efficiency of electrical supply system; load rate and improvement of load rate power factor; energy saving options through improvements in operation; and waste heat recovery options. The Thermal Video System (TVS) Audit examines the surface temperature of applied facilities to check operational conditions to an accuracy of 0.1 degree Celsius, and assesses: insulation levels in outer walls of buildings; heat distribution by heat facilities such as boilers, smelters, heaters, etc.; insulation or heat loss in various pipes; heat emitting from electrical equipment such as switches, electric motors, wires etc.; accumulator cooling capabilities. Energy audit candidates are buildings or factories consuming a large quantity of energy; entities in need of cost saving and productivity improvement; entities considering the introduction of new facilities; and entities desiring an improvement in their management skills and quality of working environment. The results of energy audits, together with recommendations, are reported to clients for them to prepare and implement appropriate improvement programmes and apply for further financial and/or technical support by KEMCO. In the building sector, energy audits are conducted for a fee in large residential and commercial buildings at the request of the buildings owner or manager, while free energy audits are offered for government and public buildings. Depending on the results of the audits, technical assistance and energy efficiency actions, such as thermal insulation and double-glazed windows, are provided. KEMCO provides financial support to the buildings, facilities or processes when the energy audit shows that energy savings of more than 5% can be achieved within three years. Applicants can apply for loans of up to 90% of the cost of investment capital at 5.5% interest and a five-year payback period.

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