Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2000
Date Ended:2000
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning
Energy Efficiency Policy Targets:Multi-Sectoral Policy
Energy Efficiency Description:

In 2000, MOCIE formulated the 2000 Blueprint to "implement policies harmonising energy, economy and environment". It stresses that "the nation needs to improve energy efficiency while securing a safe supply of energy resources, thereby establishing a solid economic foundation to buffer changes in international energy market prices". One of the objectives of the 2000 Blueprint is Transition to a low energy consumption structure, which includes: - Positively promote an energy conservation policy to cope with rising prices of oil on world market (through voluntary agreements with energy-intensive firms, development of ESCOs and other conservation support measures). - Encourage a spontaneous energy conservation movement by maintaining energy prices at an optimal level. - Promote energy technology development and commercialisation (boosting the role of renewables in the energy mix and overhauling the ten-year energy technology development plan of 1996). - Adopt positive measures to achieve progress under the UN FCCC (see below). - Re-establish the National Energy Strategy to cope with economic social and other changes in the 21st century. For 2001, the Korean government prepared a set of comprehensive energy policy objectives.

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