Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2005
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:
Agency:National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Description:In cooperation academic and public institutions, and industry, the Ministery of Economy, Trade and Industry formulated the Strategic Technology Roadmap as a navigation tool for strategic planning and implementation of technology R&D. Among other technologies, the Roadmap examines carbon capture and sequestrations possible role in future climate change policy. Formulated for 20 areas of biological sciences, environmental technology, manufacturing, and information and communications technology, the Roadmap comprises: - a Scenario for Introduction to indicate policies promoting services and production - a Technology Overview of technology required by future energy needs - a Roadmap indicating technical targets on a time axis. Japan developed the Strategic Technology Roadmap for the energy sector through backward examination of the technology portfolio required by ecologically-sound energy production in 2100.

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