Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2005
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:
Agency:Federal Government
Description:In concert with Japans Kyoto Target Achievement Plan, the federal government launched a Team -6% emissions reductions campaign aimed at Japanese citizens. Central to the campaign is the Team -6% website, where individuals can register their emissions reductions, express opinions and obtain information. Furthering the theme of Six, the Japanese government lists six priorities for individual emissions reductions: - Set air conditioning to 28 degree C in summer and to 20 degree C in winter. ("COOL BIZ", "WARM BIZ") - Keep on energy efficient driving. (CO2 reduction through driving) - Make sure to turn off a faucet every time you use it. (CO2 reduction through water usage) - Choose eco-friendly products. (CO2 reduction through product purchase) - Unplug electric appliances while not using. (CO2 reduction through electricity usage) - Say no to excessive packaging. (CO2 reduction through shopping and waste reduction) The national campaign complements the global warming missions of the Aichi Expo and the G8 Summit. Lead by Japanese Prime Minster Koizumi, the "Team Minus 6%" secretariat will be placed under the supervision of the Global Environment Bureau of the Ministry of the Environment.

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