Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2004
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Auditing
Policy Target:Industry
Agency:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI); NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)
Funding:JPY 60 million for FY 2007

For Energy Conservation Act designated factories, NEDO conducts energy audits, research, and other advisory projects to improve industrial energy efficiency. In this context, the government promotes guidance projects through NEDO for the dissemination of energy conservation related technologies, taking into account regional characteristics. The project period is from FY2004-FY2009 with a budget of 0.6 hundred million yen for FY 2007. In close cooperation with companies and local governments in the industrial sector, energy conservation audits and guidance are provided, targeting and tailored to individual factories. The target factories are the designated "Type 1 designated factories" under the Energy Conservation Act. Energy conservation guidance and recommendations are provided, as are ways of lowering energy consumption to the minimum level possible, for example through the rapid introduction of energy conservation technologies.

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