Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2008
Date Amended:


Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards, Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards>Product standards
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Agency:Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea
Legal References:OJ No. 107 of 8 May 2008; OJ No. 102 of 3 May 2013

The Plan, adopted by the Ministerial Decree of 11 April 2008 (OJ No. 107 of 8 May 2008), has the goal of maximizing the dissemination of GPP among contracting authorities in order to make it express its full potential in terms of environmental, economic and industrial sectors.

 The main objective of the Action Plan is to:

  • spread a culture of environmental innovation in the market, and give a signal to the supply system, keeping the focus on competitiveness.
  • Increase buyers knowledge changing their attitude from attitude "purchasing as usual” to the “life Cycle Assessment” (LCA) of products and services.
  • Respond effectively to global challenges of environmental sustainability and the commitments made at national and international level (Kyoto, waste, chemicals).
  • Increase efficiency and cost savings in the use of resources, especially energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Reduce the use of hazardous substances and waste production
  • Increase energy efficiency of buildings and public transport.


At European level, the European Commission draws up proposals for criteria to be adopted. The Italian criteria are arranged on a single level with minimum technical specifications and award criteria. They are based on indications and specific technical requirements (performance, specific functional requirements), which will be used in the definition of calls for tender and procurement procedures: specifications, rewarding scores, conditions of execution of the contract, the qualification requirements of the product. These requirements are "minimum" as to qualify purchases as "sustainable" and are linked to the different stages/phases of the purchase process. They are also "minimum" as they are basic requirements for qualifying better services/products and to ensure a sufficient supply on the domestic market.

Award criteria are intended to promote greater environmental efficiency. For example, some of them aim to promote innovation in environmental technologies (e.g. high energy efficiency, reduced pollutant emissions, reduce of resources exploitation) stimulate offering of products/services with additional or higher performance compared to technical specifications (e.g greater energy performance than expected in technical specifications). 


This plan has been updated with Decree 10 April 2013 (OJ No. 102 of 3 May 2013) with some revisions to the criteria.   

year effective: 2008 (amended 2013)

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