Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2010
Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Direct investment>RD&D funding
Policy Target:
Policy Sector:Multi-sectoral Policy
Agency:Ministry of Economic Development
Legal References:Ministerial Decree 27/10/2010; Ministerial Decree 9/11/2012; Ministerial Decree 17/12/2013
Funding:221 M€ for 2012-2014
Evaluation:The preliminary results seem to be successful: the main public R&D organisations have been encouraged to co-operate actively with private industries in programmes focused on the development and demonstration of systems and prototypes for the production of renewable energy for the general benefit of the users of the national electricity system. In some cases the knowledge developed has enabled Italian operators to successfully participate in R&D programmes funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme on R&D.


ENEA, CNR and RSE carry out R&D activities on urgent and strategic issues which have results for the benefit of the national electric system users as a whole. For example:

  • biomass energy potential;
  • coal-dust power plants (performance and cost reduction);
  • new nuclear fission energy;
  • electricity and hydrogen co-production;
  • cogeneration fuel cells;
  • air-conditioning and lighting systems for residential and tertiary sectors;
  • governance and energy efficiency;
  • promotion of efficient technologies;
  • promotion of innovative electric technologies.

The previous Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development 19 March 2009 set a floor of EUR 210 mill on available funds for the 2009-2011 triennium, subdivided into:

  • management and development of the national electric system (EUR 79mill);
  • electricity production and environmental protection (EUR 56mill); 
  • rationalization and saving of electricity use (EUR 75 mill).

The Decree establishes the 2010 annual operative plan, with a total fund of EUR 103 mill divided into: 

  • management and development of the national electric system (EUR 34.5 mill); 
  • electricity production and environmental protection (EUR 23 mill); 
  • rationalization and saving of electricity use (EUR 45.5 mill).

Ministry of Economic Development issued a new decree approving a three-year plan to finance research activities in the field of electricity system. The decree was issued on 9th November 2012 and published on the Official Journal on 30th January 2013. Three priorities areas has been identified:

  • Governance, management and development of the national electricity system;
  • Electricity production and environment protection;
  • Rationalization and saving of use of energy. 77% of EUR 221 million provided under such Plan will be allocated to RSE, ENEA and CNR. Ministerial Decree of 17/12/2013 approved the 2013 operating plan.

year effective: 2010 (Nov 17th)

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