Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2011
Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Feed-in tariffs/premiums, Economic Instruments>Market-based instruments>Green certificates, Economic Instruments>Market-based instruments>White certificates
Policy Target:Multi-Sectoral Policy
Legal References:Legislative decree No.28/2011, Ministerial Decree 28 December 2012 (Conto Termico)

The Decree No. 28 of March 3rd, 2011 transposes into the Italian legislation the Directive 2009/28/EC provisions on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources. The Decree sets specific sectoral targets in order to achieve the overall national target of 17% share of energy from renewable sources in the gross final consumption of energy in 2020. The Decree also regulated the construction and operation of renewable power plants according to specific administrative procedures for each type of installation. To assess the exploitable energy potential from biomass, an ad-hoc experts committee has been created to help design appropriate legislation. Specific provisions are also provided on the authorizations and interventions on the electricity grids as well as on the natural gas one and on the development of district heating and cooling. A reshaping and streamlining of renewable energy support mechanisms has been foreseen. The electricity produced by renewable power plants which will be commissioned after December 31st, 2012 will be incentivized through a feed in tariff system (plants with a capacity = 5MW) or an incentive determined through a Dutch Auction System (P > 5 MW). The Quota Obligation combined with the Green Certificate System will no longer be in force after 2015 and the Quota Obligation will decrease linearly from 2013 to zero in 2015. Support schemes for energy efficiency and the thermal energy produced by renewable sources are also provided in the form of a sort of feed in tariff system, for small size interventions, and Tradable White Certificate System, for big size interventions. Furthermore, the Decree also took action on the promotion of the use of biofuels in transports.

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This record supersedes:RES promotion - Decree Implementing Directive 2001/77/EC

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