Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2003
Policy Type:Economic Instruments
Policy Target:
Agency:Ministry of Production Activities
Description:Under Decree Law 2/7/2003 No. 183, which amends Ministerial Decree 17/7/98 No. 256, the incentives offered to private persons have been more than doubled for the purchase of new gas powered cars and for those converted within one year of leaving the factory. In addition, persons ordering the installation of a CNG or LPG system on their own car (or that belonging to a family member at the same address) within twelve months of the new car first being registered are given a discount of €650 at fitters workshops taking part in the scheme (under the previous decree the sum was of 309.87). Those in Italy buying – also through hire purchase – a new approved car with either a hybrid or exclusively CNG or LPG system can count on a 1,500 discount on the pricelist (this amount was previously 413.17). Monitoring is ensured by the Programme Agreement between the sector associations and the Ministry of Production Activities.

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