Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2014
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Transport>Electric Vehicles
Agency:Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
Legal References:Ministerial Decree 18/04/2016; Ministerial Decree n.503 of 22/12/2015; Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of September 26th 2014
Funding:Plan: 47M€ for the period 2013-2015; Incentives: 108M€ for the period 2013-2015

The law defines an annual plan to guarantee the minimum level of service in main cities, defining standards and inter-operability among energy utilities and providers, with incentives to petrol network to install charging point within their local distributors. The Plan foresees incentives for Low Emission Vehicles.


Ministerial Decree n. 503 of 22/12/2015 allocates financial resources. The maximum state contribution would be: 35% of the purchase cost for normal power charging systems (slow/accelerated) and 50% for high power (fast) systems.

Ministerial Decree 18/04/2016 includes the first update of PNIRE. The fund dotation is 33.3 million euro, of which 4.5 for 2013, 13.7 for 2014 and 14.9 for 2015. 

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