Policy status:Unknown
Date Effective:1984
Policy Type:
Policy Target:
Policy Sector:
Description:The Business Expansion Scheme (BES) was introduced in 1984 as an incentive to private investors to invest long-term equity capital in companies (particularly new and smaller ones) operating in certain sectors of the economy that would otherwise find it difficult to raise such funding and would instead have to rely on loan finance. The scheme was initially set to operate for three years and has been renewed on a regular basis since then. Investments in renewable energy companies qualify for BES relief. Individual investors holding a BES equity investment for a minimum period of five years can benefit from tax relief, at their marginal tax rate, in respect of investments up to € 31 750 per year. The aggregate amount that a company can raise under the BES was increased under the Finance Act 2004 from € 750 000 to € 1 000 000.

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