Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2003
Policy Type:Voluntary Approaches
Policy Target:
Agency:Sustainable Energy Ireland
Description:In 2003, Sustainable Energy Ireland concluded a successful pilot project demonstrating that the CO2 reductions of Negotiated Energy Agreements were twice that achieved by a carbon tax alone. Negotiated Agreements are agreements between an individual firm, or group of firms and the Government aiming to achieve substantial energy and emissions reductions “beyond business-as-usual”. The approach is based on firms committing to strong action and adopting best international practice in energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Within each Negotiated Energy Agreement, Sustainable Energy Ireland aimed to: - Develop the most appropriate approaches and frameworks within an Irish context; - Work with Irish industry to test the viability of different approaches and energy saving investment options; - Assist industry to prepare for the launch of full-scale binding negotiated agreements; - Explore the most appropriate auditing, reporting, and monitoring systems. The pilot consisted of 3 strands: an individual firm agreement; a collective agreement with a group of firms from the same industrial sector; and a technology agreement with a diverse range of firms In light of the decision by the Irish Government not to implement a carbon tax, the structure of the programme is now being revised. A new pilot project will be launched in 2005.

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