Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2003
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:
Agency:Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources

A Consultation Document on "Options for Future Renewable Energy Policy, Targets and Programmes", was published by the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources in December 2003. It lists a range of green energy penetration targets for the electricity market. It examines possible targets of between 13.2-20% for the year 2010 and 15-30% for the year 2020. The document will be used to map out a future strategy for green energy in the coming years and looks at key areas in the future including: - Future renewables policy; - Future green energy contribution to Irelands electricity markets; - How to overcome barriers to the deployment of renewable energy; - Future options for market support mechanisms. The period of public consultation lasts from 22 December 2003 to 27 February 2004.

This record is superseded by:Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (REFIT 1)

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