Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2002
Policy Type:Policy Support>Institutional creation
Policy Target:
Agency:Sustainable Energy Ireland
Legal References:Sustainable Energy Act, 2002
Funding:Eur 89m

The President of Ireland signed the Sustainable Energy Act, 2002 into law in March 2002.The Act establishes a new government body: "Sustainable Energy Ireland" (formerly the Irish Energy Centre). The functions of the Sustainable Energy Ireland, as set out in the Act, are: - to promote and assist environmentally and economically sustainable production, supply and use of energy; - to promote and assist energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy; - to promote and assist the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and transboundary air pollutants associated with the production, supply and use of energy; - to promote and assist the minimising of the impact on the environment of the production, supply and use of energy; - to promote and assist research, development and demonstration of new energy technologies; - to provide advice, information and guidance to the Minister and such other Ministers or bodies as the Minister may direct, and to energy suppliers and users. In conjunction with the launch of Sustainable Energy Ireland, the new body published its five-year strategy document, which outlines its priorities and targets. During the period of the five year strategy Sustainable Energy Ireland will be responsible for an expenditure of EUR 89m through its operations and programmes, which are being funded under the Economic and Social Infrastructure Programme of the National Development Plan. Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) is the statutory authority responsible for the promotion of the Sustainable Energy Systems element of the European sixth and seventh framework programmes (FP6 and FP7) in Ireland. SEI has made various efforts to create awareness of the FP6, and to encourage high quality Irish participation, including: - Information dissemination on recent developments/new calls for proposals. - Hosting a number of national information days for new calls for proposals. - Initiating a competitive feasibility study process to enable the Irish energy research community to prepare high quality proposals. - Targeted e-mails to specific technology groups, containing information on particular conferences, publications, etc. - National contact point service - provides continuing support to all prospective proposers in terms of advice and help in preparing proposals, via telephone, e-mail and face-to-face meetings. - Networking/partner search - facilitates partner search by advising prospective proposers of potential partners and by attending various brokerage sessions organised by the Commission. - National delegate role - representation at the Energy Programme Committee meeting; SEI is also responsible for the promotion of the recently launched energy framework programme, Intelligent Energy for Europe (EIE).

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