Policy status:In Force
Jurisdiction:Municipal, National, State/Regional
Date Effective:2011
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Climate Change Policy Targets:Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy
Agency:Ministry of Environment
Climate Change Description:

Presidential Regulation No. 71/2011 on the implementation of national GHG inventory in Indonesia mandates different bodies of the government to produce national, local and corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories on an annual basis. The national inventory, which is submitted to the UNFCCC, is coordinated by the Ministry of Environment. For local GHG inventories, governors of all provinces shall prepare inventories at the provincial level, and mayors of all cities shall prepare inventories at the local level. 

The objective of the Regulation is to provide regular information on GHG emission trends and to provide information to measure the results of mitigation actions.

Related policies:National Action Plan for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (RAN GRK) (Presidential Decree No. 61/2011)

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