Year:1985 (Jul 3rd)
Policy status:Under Review
Date Effective:1985 (Jul 3rd)
Policy Type:Economic Instruments, Economic Instruments>Market-based instruments, Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives, Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Tax relief
Policy Target:Bioenergy, Bioenergy>Biofuels for transport
Policy Sector:Transport
Size of Plant Targeted:Small and Large
Agency:Ministry of Energy and Mines (Ministerio de Energia y Minas, MEM)
Legal References:Decree-Law 17-1985

Decree-Law 17 of 1985, regulated by the Governmental Accord 420-1985, aimed to increase the utilisation of biofuels in the transport sector, while reducing the imports of fuel oil. The Decree establishes a blending mandate for bioethanol of 5%. The mandate was not implemented and associated fiscal incentives were not provided. While the law is still considered to be in force from a legal standpoint, it is not actively applied

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