Year:1 February 2011
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:1 February 2011
Policy Type:
Policy Target:Buildings>Residential
Agency:Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving
Funding:EUR 241 million

The programme offers citizens incentives to carry out the most important interventions, aimed at improving their houses’ energy efficiency, while at the same time contributes to the achievement of Greece’s energy and environmental targets.
The programme consists of
(a) the Direct payments programme (grants and inspection costs): 307.2 m € (public funding)
(b) The Fund “EXOIKONOMO at home” (loans, management costs and rate subsidies): 241 m € public funding and 380 m € contribution of banks (1:2).
The programme was launched on February 1st 2011 and is open until the full budget absorption. Due to the economic crisis, in May 2011 and March 2012, the programme conditions have been improved in order to cover more citizens.In November 2013, the joint ministerial decision regarding the constitution of Fund "EXOIKONOMO at home", was amended and the total fund of direct payment was increased from 155 million € to 307.2 million €. The programme is currently underway and includes the following:
- improvement of thermal insulation of building shell
- replacement of window/door glazing and frame of low energy performance
- replacement of low energy performance heating oil boilers with new high energy performance ones or natural gas systems or systems using Renewable
Energy Resources
-installation of solar water-heaters.
The programme is implemented through the Operational Programmes “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship”. Until the 7th of February 2014, 191,121 loan pre - applications have been submitted and from these about 95,370 have been initially pre-approved., 49.582 program applications have been submitted and 46,346 are already approved. There have been 38,530 loans contracts signed. Until January 2014, there have been 20,853 projects completed and fully paid of total cost for the program 161,8 m €

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