Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2011
Policy Type:Policy Support, Policy Support>Institutional creation, Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Multi-Sectoral Policy
Evaluation:The public and the media appreciated the first monitoring report as a useful and comprehensive overview of the status of the energy reforms, welcoming the transparent procedure and public dialogue. Many associations, institutions and members of the public took the opportunity to submit comments. Consequently, important additional information – e.g on heat consumption in households or on efficiency in the transport sector – was incorporated in the monitoring report and thus improved its quality and informative value.

Energy of the Future is long-term and fact-based monitoring process. In this process the federal government closely observes the implementation of its Energy Concept and package of measures, plus their targets, with a view to a secure, economic and sustainable energy supply.

The organisation of the monitoring process has been laid down by Cabinet decision as follows:

  • The Federal Economics Minister and the Federal Environment Minister are to draw up an annual Monitoring Report with input from the other departments concerned;
  • The first Monitoring Report was submitted in December 2012 for the reporting year 2011;
  • A Progress Report is to be drawn up every three years, beginning in 2014.

This process is to be supported by an independent commission of four energy experts.

An Administrative Unit is to be established at the Bundesnetzagentur for organisational backup.

The annual Monitoring Report is essentially factual. As such it shows the progress made in reaching the targets and the level of implementation. The Progress Report is strategic and more extensive; it will focus on identifying causes and obstacles and propose further action, where necessary.

The first Monitoring Report was published by the federal government on 19 December 2011 and can be downloaded here.

25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Cross-sectoral
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