Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:1998
Policy Type:
Policy Target:Energy Utilities

The Federal Immission Protection Act (BImSchG) is the German law on protection against harmful environmental effects from air pollutants, noise, shocks or vibration, or similar phenomena. An energy-saving effect is produced among other things due to its extensive approval requirements in respect of installations, such as the stipulationof a degree of firing efficiency. The concrete technical standards have been enacted in a total of 39implementing orders. Of particular relevance, among others, is the First Ordinance on small and medium-sized firing installations (1. BImSchV). This is intended to guarantee a significant reduction in particulate matter emissions from small firing installations. To counteract further increases in pollution and to reduce the existing highlevel of pollution, the emissions from firing installations within the scope of application of the First Federal Immission Protection Ordinance (1. BImSchV) must be reduced on a sustainable basis over the long term. This leads to a situation in which where new installations are required a new generation of firing installations is used and based on the statutory provisions for installations already in existence corresponding regulations have been made in respect of renovation. The last amendment to 1. BlmSchV was made in 2009, and the resulting newrequirements have been in force since March 2010.

25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Energy utilities

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