Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2008
Policy Type:Information and Education
Policy Target:Multi-Sectoral Policy

The aim is to motivate schools, educational institutions and German schools abroad to achieve a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions by means of simple measures and behav-ioural changes. Thus 2,400schools have received a climate kit (portable energy consumption calibrator) and 1,700 schools are being given the opportunity – with a budget of up to €500 – to carry out in-school climate protection campaigns. Out of the concrete measures of the participant schools a catalogue is being drawn up which formulates the criteria of practicable and successful measures for reduction of CO2 emissions and for saving energy. They can contribute their ideas and measures on a website. With the help of experts a list of criteria is being developed from the projects executed with which the schools can qualify as “climate protection schools”.

25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Cross-sectoral

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