Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2016
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy
Agency:Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

The Climate Action Plan 2050 (Klimaschutzplan 2050) provides guidance to all areas of action in the process to achieve domestic climate targets in line with the Paris Agreement. These areas of action are energy, buildings, transport, trade and industry, agriculture and forestry.

Key elements are:

  • Long-term target: based on the guiding principle of extensive greenhouse gas neutrality in Germany by the middle of the century. 
  • Guiding principles and transformative pathways as a basis for all areas of action by 2050. 
  • Milestones and targets as a framework for all sectors up to 2030. 
  • Strategic measures for every area of action. 
  • Establishment of a learning process which enables the progressive raising of ambition envisaged in the Paris Agreement.

The plan will be fleshed out with programmes of measures which will be drawn up in collaboration with the German Bundestag. The first programme will be adopted in 2018 and quantified in terms of its greenhouse gas emission reduction effects.

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