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Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
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This thermal regulation has increased the requirements relating to the thermal performance of new buildings. It applies to all new buildings for which the building permit was filed after 1st January 2013. They must have primary energy consumption of below 50 kWhPE/m²/year on average. This requirement relates to consumption for heating, cooling, lighting, generating hot water and auxiliary systems (pumps and ventilators). Furthermore, this threshold is modulated according to geographic location, altitude, type of building use, average surface area of accommodation and GHG emissions.

This obligation has been applied in advance since 28 October 2011 for office buildings, primary and secondary schools and childcare facilities, and applies to housing constructed in urban renovation areas (ANRU areas) if it has been the subject of a request for a building permit or prior declaration subsequent to 1st March 2012.

 By 2020, the savings targeted for the residential sector alone are:

- GHG: a reduction in emissions of 3.55 Mt CO2-eq.;

- EE: a reduction in final energy consumption of 1.15 Mtoe


This record supersedes:Thermal Regulation 2005

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