Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2009
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Obligation schemes 
Climate Change Policy Targets:Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy, Transport
Legal References:DECISION No  406/2009/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 23  April 2009 on the effort of Member States to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Community’s greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments up to  2020
Evaluation:Progress in implementing commitments under this Deci­sion should be annually evaluated on the basis of reports submitted under Decision No  280/2004/EC of the Euro­pean Parliament and of the Council of 11  February 2004 concerning a mechanism for monitoring Community greenhouse gas emissions and for implementing the Kyoto Protocol. Every two years an assessment should be made on the projected progress and a full evaluation of the implementation of this Decision should be made in 2016.
Penalty:If the greenhouse gas emissions of a Member State exceed the annual emission allocation specified pursuant to Article 3(2) of the Decision, the following measures shall apply: (a) a deduction from the Member State’s emission allocation of the following year equal to the amount in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of those excess emissions, multiplied by an abatement factor of 1,08; (b) the development of a corrective action plan in accordance with paragraph 2 of this Article; and (c) the temporary suspension of the eligibility to transfer part of the Member State’s emission allocation and JI/CDM rights to another Member State until the Member State is in compli­ance with Article 3(2).
Climate Change Description:

The Effort Sharing Decision establishes binding annual greenhouse gas emission targets for EU Member States for the period 2013–2020. These targets concern emissions from most sectors not included in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), such as transport (except aviation), buildings, agriculture and waste. The Effort Sharing Decision forms part of a set of policies and measures on climate change and energy – known as the climate and energy package of the EU.

The national emission target for France under the EU Effort Sharing Decision is 14% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 compared to 2005 level.

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