Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2010
Policy Type:Information and Education>Advice/Aid in Implementation, Regulatory Instruments>Auditing, Regulatory Instruments>Other mandatory requirements
Policy Target:Residential Appliances>Space cooling, Commercial/Industrial Equipment>Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
Legal References:Article 15 Directive 2010/31/EU. Article L. 224-1 of the Environmental Code (Article 27 of Law No. 2005-781 of 13 July 2005 laying down guidelines program of en
Enforcement:Inspectors have to be certified by a certifying body according to some requirements described in regulation. Certifying bodies are accredited by French committe
Description:A periodic inspection is mandatory for air conditioning systems with an effective rated output above 12kW. This mandate applies to 300000 systems in France, which is 10% of the stock.The obligation falls to the owner of the system and has to be completed every five years. The first inspection must happen during the year in which a new system is installed or an old one is replaced.The inspection includes a document inspection and a on-site inspection during which the inspector assess the output of the system according to the cooling needs of the building and gives some recommendation to the owner about the most effective use of the system, advantages of replacement, and other possible solutions. These reccomendations are compiled in a report given to the owner no later than one month after the inspection.The inspector has to be certified by an accredited body.

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