Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2014
Date Amended:


Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning, Policy Support>Institutional creation
Policy Target:Multi-Sectoral Policy
Legal References:Article 14(2) of the Directive 2006/32/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2006, then article 24(2) of the Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on energy efficiency

France 2014 NEEAP was released in April 2014, in accordance with the energy efficiency directive requirements. Efficiency measures are detailed sector by sector. Under the Energy Efficiency Directive, EU countries must draw up these plans every three years.

Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency (EED) establishes a common framework of measures to promote energy efficiency within the European Union. It contributes towards achieving the target of improving energy efficiency by 20 % by 2020 and paves the way for further energy efficiency improvements beyond that date.

In accordance with Article 3 of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency (EED), France has set itself the dual target of reducing its energy consumption to 131.4 Mtoe of final energy and 219.9 Mtoe of primary energy by 2020 (excluding non-energy uses and international bunkers).



In 2017 an updated version of NEEAP was released.

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