Policy status:Planned
Date Effective:2005
Policy Type:Policy Support
Agency:Ministere de LEconomie, des Finances et de lIndustrie (MINEFI)
Climate Change Description:

The first phase of Frances Biofuels Initiative will see federal tenders for the pre-2007 construction of three new biodiesel facilities to produce fuel from rapeseed and sunflower plants, and three new ethanol installations to process beetroot, corn and wheat. The French governments May 19 plans describe the construction of biofuel production installations with annual capacity of 950,000 tonnes. Slated to come online between 2008 and 2010, the planned facilities will produce 700,000 tonnes of bio-diesel and 250,00 tonnes of ethanol to be used as tax-favored additives to diesel fuel and gasoline. In funding such construction, the French government seeks compliance with its self-imposed goal to foster a fuel market of 7% plant products - vegetable oils and agricultural ethyl alcohol - by 2010.

This record supersedes:Biofuels Initiative

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