Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2004
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Economic Instruments>Market-based instruments
Agency:Ministere de lEcologie, et du Developpement Durable
Climate Change Description:This decree of 15 April formally authorises French firms to join the EU emissions trading scheme. It: - grants the state the right to allocate tradable emission quotas; - grants firms the right to buy and sell emission permits, in denominations representing one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions, in line with allocated emission quotas; and - establishes a mechanism for judging compliance, to be accompanied by fines for failing to comply with emission quotas. The decree published by the Ministry of Environment 19 August lays the rules that will govern participation in the EU emissions trading scheme. The decree specifies the type of industrial facilities that will be allowed to trade emissions. It describes the process that will be used to allocate tradable emission quotas and in the planned monitoring system, including firms reporting obligations. The decree also outlines the sanctions process for instances of non-compliance. It lists exceptional circumstances under which firms may be allowed to exceed quotas, and it establishes a mechanism under which industrial sites may link emission quotas.

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