Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:1999
Policy Type:Economic Instruments
Agency:Electricité de France (EDF)
Climate Change Description:In the overseas departments (DOM), a programme launched in 1996 led to the subsidised installation of 18,500 solar-powered water heaters at the end of 1999 - of a total target of 20,000 for the end of 2000. In 1999, approval was given by the government to the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) to liase with willing regions for a new programme, "HELIOS 2006", designed to support the development of solar-powered hot water heaters under a budget of 30MF/year. The first phase of this programme, specific to individual solar-powered hot water heaters, consisted of a system of attributing the best locations to place the appliances in France.

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