Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2000
Policy Type:Policy Support>Institutional creation, Information and Education>Information provision
Energy Efficiency Policy Targets:Residential Appliances
Energy Efficiency Description:The French Agency for Energy and the Environment (Ademe) participates in the Group for Energy Efficient Appliances (GEEA), a forum of representatives from European national energy agencies and government departments working with industry on voluntary information activities in the field of energy efficient home electronics, office equipment and IT-equipment. GEEAs goal is to contribute to the establishment of a uniform European-wide scheme on voluntary informative activities. In close cooperation with the electronics industry, GEEA develops (and revises regularly) technical definitions and testing methods for the purpose of identifying and promoting high efficiency electronics products. Products meeting the specified efficiency criteria are eligible to bear the GEEA label. However, since EUs adoption of the Energy Star label in 2000, the GEEAs labelling activities have diminished relative to their other technical work with manufacturers. The participating national energy agencies and government departments are: - Switzerland: The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) - Denmark: The Danish Energy Authority (DEA) - Sweden: The Swedish National Energy Administration (STEM) - Austria: The Austrian Energy Agency (E.V.A.) - Germany: The German Energy Agency (dena) / Gemeinschaft Energielabel Deutschland (GED) - Netherlands: The Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment (NOVEM) - Finland: The Information Centre for Energy Efficiency Finland (Motiva) - France: The French Agency for Energy and the Environment (Ademe)

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