Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2000
Policy Type:Policy Support
Agency:Mission Interministerielle de lEffet de Serre
Energy Efficiency Description:In January 2000 the French government released the Programme national de lutte contre le changement climatique (National Programme to Combat Climate Change) elaborated by the Mission Interministérielle sur lEffet de Serre, MIES (Inter-ministerial Mission on Climate Change). The Programme presents a set of 96 measures designed to comply with the French commitments to 2010. It identified three categories of measures: -- Regulatory measures, standards, incentives: these traditional measures would avoid 7 Mtc of GHG emissions. -- Fiscal measures such as carbon/energy taxes which will result in a 6.7 Mtc emissions reduction (including the reinforced impact of traditional measures). -- New infrastructure development over the long-term from which the impact in 2010 is assessed around 2.2 Mtc.
Climate Change Description:The French government released the "National Programme for Tackling Climate Change 2000/2010" in January 2000. The measures announced in the plan range from new taxes on energy and other emissions, to stringent standards for agriculture, transport, and waste sectors. The climate change action also includes a number of measures aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including new construction norms for heating and thermal insulation to reduce energy consumption.

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