Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2003
Policy Type:Policy Support
Agency:Government of Finland
Climate Change Description:

The National Climate Strategy, which covered all sectors that contribute to climate change, was revised to take account of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and Kyoto Protocol-related mechanisms. The Strategy has been in place since 2001 to meet Finlands targets under the Kyoto Protocol together with those relating to its burden-sharing arrangement with the member states of the European Union. The revision was completed in the Spring of 2005. The Energy Efficiency Action Plan and the Action Plan for Renewable Sources of Energy, which were updated in 2002, formed important parts of this and the revised strategy, entitled Finlands Energy and Climate Policy Strategy.

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This record is superseded by:Energy and Climate Policy Outline for the Near Future: National Strategy to Implement the Kyoto Protocol.

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