Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2014
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Resilience / Adaptation
Agency:Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The aim of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2022 is that the Finnish society has the capacity to manage the risks associated with climate change and adapt to changes in the climate. The objectives of the plan are:

  • Adaptation has been integrated into the planning and activities of both the various sectors and their actors
  • The actors have access to the necessary climate change assessment and management methods
  • Research and development work, communication and education and training have enhanced the adaptive capacity of society, developed innovative solutions and improved citizens’ awareness on climate change adaptation. 

To reach the aim, the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan specifies the key measures in support of adaptation to be implemented in the next few years. The impacts of climate change elsewhere in the world with repercussions on Finland will be taken into account in the national work. 

Fields of action

  1. Studies are conducted on climate resilience on the national level
  2. Action plans for specific administrative branches are drawn up and implemented, taking account of the international repercussions of climate change
  3. Drafting of regional and local adaptation studies is promoted
  4. Adaptation is promoted in international cooperation
  5. Adaptation is included in EU policies and international region-based cooperation projects
  6. Climate risk assessment and management is improved
  7. Instruments applicable to the management of financial risks caused by climate change are developed
  8. Adaptation research is reinforced
  9. Business opportunities related to adaptation are developed
  10. Tools are developed in support of regional adaptation work
  11. Communication on adaptation is developed
  12. Education and training content on adaptation is developed

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