Year:2012 (with some measures up to 6 years earlier)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2012 (with some measures up to 6 years earlier)
Policy Type:Information and Education, Regulatory Instruments
Policy Target:Industry, Transport
Agency:Ministry of the Environment; Ministry of Transport and Communications; Finnish Environment Institute; Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency

This group consists of four F-gas related regulations:
1. Government Decree (452/2009) on servicing equipment containing F-gases: Specific competencies are stipulated and regular monitoring of equipment containing F-gases are ensured.
2. Environmental Protection Act/Regulation of F-gases; modification 7.11.2008/681: General instrument for the regulation of F-gases according to the requirements of the relevant EC regulation: (EC) No 842/2006. 
3. Improved enforcement of F-gas regulations: Enhance cost effective compliance monitoring: guidance for inspectors.
4. Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communication 1268/2007 on structure and equipments of road vehicles and trailers: Implementation of EU regulation to reduce use of F-gases by restricting use of certain F-gases in air-conditioning systems of new new passenger cars.

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