Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2012
Policy Type:Policy Support, Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Hydropower, Multiple RE Sources
Policy Sector:Electricity
Size of Plant Targeted:Small and Large
Agency:Ministry of Environment and Forest

The CRG is one of the two key policy documents that sets out the Ethiopian Government's vision for the energy sector. The other is the Growth and Transformation Plan. Ethiopia aims to achieve carbon-neutral middle-income status before 2025. The Climate Resilience and Green Economy Strategy (CRGE) aims to create clean electricity markets at home and neighbouring countries. The strategy is based on four pillars that include:

  • Improving crop and livestock production practices to increase food yields, hence food security and farmer income, while reducing emissions;
  • Protecting and re-establishing forests for their economic and ecosystem services, including as carbon stocks;
  • Expanding electric power generation from renewable sources of energy five-fold over the next five years for markets at home and in neighboring countries;
  • Leapfrogging to modern and energy-efficient technologies in transport, industry, and buildings.

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