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Description:Subsidies have been initiated to offset the substantial investments (for the installation of a central heating systems in buildings) required to convert from electric to district or natural gas heating. Houses constructed before 1950 that are situated in district heating areas are eligible for subsidies for installation of central heating and hot tap water. The purpose is to use excess heat at the central CHP plants efficiently. About 50% of qualifying houses had been converted by 1997. Subsidies may be applied for until the end of 2002. Total funds for subsidies amount to DKK 1 300 million and the plan is expected to save 100-150 thousand tonnes of CO2. The Danish Electricity Saving Trust has made an agreement with more than 200 district heating companies using CHP and biomass to convert electrically heated dwellings to collective district heating systems. Local information activities are eligible for an annual subsidy of DKK 50-60 million. During the period to 2007, 50 000 dwellings are expected to be converted (the potential is 90 000), resulting in reductions of 555 000 tonnes of CO2.

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