Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2001
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Transport

In April 2001, the Danish government published a new Action Plan for reducing CO2 in the transport sector, drawing on earlier recommendations.

The targets were revised significantly downward. CO2 emissions are now to be reduced 7% in 2010 below business-as-usual trends (representing an actual increase in emissions of 22% over 1988 levels or 19% over 1990 levels). The 2030 target remained as established earlier -- 25% below actual 1988 levels. The two main strategies in the Action Plan are increased energy and transport efficiency.

  • The energy efficiency strategy is being implemented through:
  • A feasibility study on promotion of environmentally-friendly transport technology through adaptation of the tax system.
  • An information campaign about new cars energy efficiency to supplement the energy labelling on new cars in place since April 2000.
  • Eco-driving and enforcement of speed limits.


The transport efficiency strategy is to be implemented through information programmes including promotion of public transport, bicycling and environmentally-friendly freight transport, and other pilot projects. The rise in energy consumption has been greatest for road traffic and aviation. The government estimates that the new measures in the Action Plan, when implemented, will allow the achievement of the 7% reduction from business as usual by 2010. Another new initiative also mentioned in the Action Plan is a proposal to develop a national road pricing scheme with the main objective of reducing motor traffic in major Danish cities. DKK 7 million will be allocated annually from 2001 to 2003 for the promotion of road pricing projects to prepare the way for the political decision on the pricing system. One element of these projects will be to investigate the effects of road pricing on carbon dioxide levels. In December 2008, the Danish government published a new Action Plan for sustainable transportation and improved infrastructure.

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