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Description:Since 1993 State subsidies have been granted for energy-saving measures in dwellings inhabited by pensioners with low incomes and relatively high bills for heating. Subsidies of up to 50% of investment costs can be obtained up to a maximum of US$ 3 600 per dwelling. Approximately 5 000 houses are granted subsidies each year at a total cost of approximately DKK 40-70 million per year. Subsidies for energy-efficient boilers in private houses fuelled by natural gas were given for the period 1999 to 2001. A subsidy of DKK 2 500 was given to increase the market share of boilers with an annual efficiency of more than 95%. The size of the subsidy is calculated to cover around half of the extra costs of the efficient boiler in comparison with a traditional boiler. The subsidy scheme ended in the beginning of 2001 as planned. Figures indicate that the market share of these boilers has increased from below 10% to around 50%.

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