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Date Effective:1997
Date Ended:2010
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The Danish Electricity Saving Trust was established in 1997 (Act on the Danish Electricity Saving Trust, 27 December 1996) with the primary goal of supporting the substitution of electrical heating by district heating or heating by natural gas in households and in the public sector. The Trust is managed by an independent board that comprises representatives of consumer interest groups and utilities, as well as experts in energy savings and economics. The Trust extends conversion grants, currently available to electric heating consumers in areas without collective heat supply, to consumers of electric heating in areas with district heating and natural gas supply. A minor portion of the subsidy grants will be used for other purposes, especially regarding the development, market introduction and market dissemination of efficient appliances. The budget in 1997 for the scheme was DKK 50 million. From 1998 onwards the scheme has been financed by a fixed amount of DKK 0.006 per kWh sold, levied on the electricity consumption of households and the public sector. The sum available is expected to be DKK 90 million a year. In addition to the substitution of electrical heating, the Electricity Saving Trust has introduced several other activities. Buy A-products is a campaign for energy efficient lights (CFLs) and electrical household appliances. Buyer clubs for public institutions and housing associations have been a valuable means to facilitate the purchase of energy efficient appliances. In the autumn 2001 a new campaign for low stand-by equipment (TV, VCR) will take off. A homepage for consumers to find the retailers with the lowest prices on A-labelled white goods is another popular initiative.


On 1 March 2010 the Danish Electricity Saving Trust became the Danish Energy Saving Trust. The scope of the organisation's work has been expanded from electricity savings to cover savings for all forms of energy in all sectors, other than transport. The danish energy saving trust was abolished in 2012 and some of the incentives is now caried out within the Danish Energy Agency.

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