Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:1998
Date Amended:


Policy Type:
Policy Target:Buildings
Agency:The Danish Energy Agency

In 1998 the government introduced a specific programme to promote energy efficient windows in households and the public sector. A result of the programme was the introduction of an energy label system for windows. The programme has also supported the development of more energy-efficient windows, and information campaigns carried out in 2001 in co-operation with branch organisations and companies. From 1998 to 2000 the Danish Energy Agency initiated projects amounting to DKK 25-30 million in co-operation with the manufacturer and branch organisations, etc. The market share for energy-efficient windows has increased to around 60% in recent years. The government anticipates that the annual energy saving will reduce CO2 emissions by about 150 000 tonnes by 2005.


In 2011 the Danish energy agency introduced a new and improved agreement on energy labeling of windows. The labeling agreement is voluntary however 21 companies have signed up for the agreement. 

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