Country:Czech Republic
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2001
Date Amended:

Amended by: Act 151/2002, Act 262/2002, Act 278/2003, Act 356/2003, Act 670/2004, Act 186/2006, Act 342/2006, Act 296/2007, Act 124/2008, Act 158/2009, Act 223/2009, Act 227/2009, Act 281/2009, Act 155/2010, Act 211/2011, Act 299/2011, Act 420/2011, Act 458/2011, Act 165/2012, Act 350/2012, Act 90/2014, Act 131/2015

Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Policy Support
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources>All
Policy Sector:Framework Policy
Agency:Ministry of Industry and Trade, Energy Regulatory Office
Enforcement:Energy Regulatory Office

The Energy Act, which came into force in January 2001, sets out conditions for the business activities, state administration and regulation in energy sub-sectors, such as electricity, gas and heat as well as the rights and obligations of individuals. It defines a framework for the liberalisation of the electricity and gas markets. It supports the use of renewable energy sources and CHP. It defines conditions for the obligatory purchase of electricity and heat produced from renewables and from CHP through the creation of the Energy Regulation Office.


This 2004 Act amends the 2001 Energy Act above in the following spheres:

  • liberalisation of energy market (according to the EU Directives of 2003)
  • access to grids with the aim of transborder trading;
  • public interest incl. long-term planning for energy resources;
  • protection of final customers;
  • promotion of power production and of heat production based on renewable energy sources and on cogeneration.

The 2004 Energy Act includes provisions implementing EU Directives issued before 2005. The next amendment of the Energy Act due to implementation of EU Directive 2006/32/EC is under development as of November 2008.

This record supersedes:Renewable and Secondary Power Purchase Obligations

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