Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2009
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy

Republic of Croatia adopted the Strategy due to its international obligations outlined in Kyoto Protocol as well as from preparation process of entering into the European Union in mid 2013.

Croatian National Energy Strategy 2009-2020 has three basic objectives: 1) increase security of energy supply, 2) develop competitive energy system and 3) ensure sustainable energy sector development. These objectives are particularly important due to Croatia’s heavy dependence on energy imports which results in country’s vulnerability to energy prices volatilities.


  • - decrease by 20% greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 taking emissions level of 1990 as a baseline;
  • - increase share of renewable energy by 20% in annual gross energy consumption of the country by 2020;
  • - cover 10% of energy consumption in all transport sector with energy derived from renewable sources by 2020;
  • - decrease final energy consumption by 9% by 2016.

This will allow to meet electricity consumption demand with domestic production.

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