Year:2013 (Aug 9th)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2013 (Aug 9th)
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:Solar
Policy Sector:
Agency:National Energy Administration

For the expansion of distributed PV Application market, according to the relevant provincial (district, municipal) submitted to the demonstration area implementation plan, identified a first list of distributed PV demonstration area.

The 18 demonstration areas are: BEIJING HAI'DIAN district ZHONG'GUAN'CUN-HAI'DIAN Park, SHUN'YI of BEIJING, SONG'JIANG of SHANGHAI,WU'QING of TIANJIN,GAO'BEI'DIAN of HE'BEI, YINGLI Corporation in BAO'DING of  HE'BEI, WU'XI of JIANG'SU, NAN'TONG of JIANG'SU, SHAO'XING of ZHE'JIANG, HANG'ZHOU of ZHE'JIANG, HE'FEI of AN'HUI, XIN'YU High-end and newly-developing technology park of JIANG'XI, TAI'AN Technology Park of SHAN'DONG, ZI'BO Technology Park of SHAN'DONG, SAN'SHUI Industry Park of GUANG'DONG, CONG'HUA'MING'ZHU Industry Park of GUANG'DONG, SHEN'ZHEN'QIAN'HAI of GUANG'DONG and HANGZHOU Bay New district of NING'BO.

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