Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2001
Date Ended:2012
Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Direct investment>Infrastructure investments
Renewable Energy Policy Targets:Wind, Onshore, Hydropower, Solar, Solar photovoltaic
Policy Sector:Electricity
Size of Plant Targeted:Small
Agency:The Energy Ministry in collaboration with GEF and UNDP;
Legal References:CHI/00/G32
Funding:GEF Funding US$ 6.067.300. Chile contribution estimated at US$26.330.000 (public and private)
Renewable Energy Description:

Chile launched a National Programme for Rural Electrification in 1994, providing subsidies and directly funding the electrification of rural areas.

Starting in 2001, with the support of international bodies and funding (GEF, UNDP), the National Energy Commission (CNE) coordinated a programme aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy sources within the rural electrification programme. More specifically, the programme stimulated the use of micro-hydro, solar PV, and micro-wind generation capacities for remote rural areas. In 2003, a large-scale project of 6,000 individual photovoltaic systems was launched, accompanied by a training programme for users and the creation of small businesses or rural cooperatives charged with operation and maintenance.

Pilot projects and more large-scale programmes for wind energy began in 2001, along with wind-energy siting studies. Micro-hydro systems were installed in various communities in the North and South of the country.

The National Normalisation Institute (INN), under this programme, issued 44 standards for solar PV, micro-wind, micro-hydro and hybrid systems. 

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