Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2013
Date Amended:

Became mandatory in 2013

Policy Type:Information and Education>Performance Label>Comparison label, Information and Education
Energy Efficiency Policy Targets:Transport
Agency:Ministry of Energy
Energy Efficiency Description:

An energy efficiency label for new light-duty vehicles and associated incentives is mandatory since 2013. Prior to that, the label had been voluntary for one year. In June 2017, the energy efficiency label scope was extended to medium-duty vehicles up to 3 600 kilograms, and electric and hybrid vehicles.

The label is a showcase of cross-sectoral coordination between the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications. The Ministries are now considering an energy label for heavy-duty passenger vehicles through a comprehensive study that will cover testing procedures, performance tests and pilot testing.

The Ministry of Energy has an online platform to compare the performance of all labelled vehicles available in the market. This platform is also available for smartphones and enables the users to report when car dealers do not comply with the label display. However, information on the impact of the energy efficiency label is not available.




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