Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2011
Policy Type:Policy Support, Economic Instruments
Energy Efficiency Policy Targets:Buildings, Building Type, Non-residential, Buildings, Buildings, Existing buildings
Agency:Chilean Agency for Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Description:

The Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Programme was established to help develop energy efficiency projects in public buildings. The energy efficiency measures could include improvement and control of operational processes, replacement of appliances and equipment with high efficiency ones, amongst others. The Chilean Agency for Energy Efficiency would select and finance these according to an annual public tender.

In addition, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Health will invest a total of 10,000 million Chilean pesos for Energy Efficiency Investments in 57 public hospitals until 2018 of which 14 hospitals in 2015. This funding is made available under the Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Programme.

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